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QRV in Foreign Countries

・ WS1Z/KH2 (IOTA OC-026) [2005.9.4]

 Very Simple QRV style (IC726+INV VEE@7ft.).9-QSO with JA on 10 MHz in 20 min.

  ※End of the antenna element.        Can you see it?

How low the antenna was! Feeding point was only 7-ft above the ground.
    ※End of another element

・ WS1Z/KH0 (IOTA OC-086) [2002.5.5-5.6]

QRVed at FIN house RM#903 in Mariana Resort Hotel.900 QSOs on 7-28MHz CW.
Operation Desk (FT1000MP, FT920), Antenna(FORCE12 C4+RADIX RY-66A@10m US TOWER TMM-433SS).

4U1ITU [1998.2.20-2.21]

 QRVed at ITU Geneva HQ on the way back to Japan from France.355-QSO (35 entities) were made. (QSO log for JAs)

・W5ASC [1997.5.7]
 Arizona Science Center@Phenix.Many kids were enjoying QSO.When I visited the center on 1999.9.16-17 again, it was boiling hot (over 90 degrees).

・Other QRVs
(1) WS1Z/ZL [1994.4.5-4.16]
During ITU-R IMT-2000 Standardization Meeting, I operated the station in Auckland.

(2) 9M2/JA5CUX [1994.8.21-8.25]
 QRV at KL Hilton.

(3)VK2CUX [1997.10.18-10.21]
 I visited VK again with a handy TRCV. Boyscout volunteers were demonstrating Ham Radio at Sydney Tower Observatory Room.

(4)WS1Z [1998.5.21-5.24]
 Using a handy TRCV, QRVed in Chicago,San Franscisco〜Walnut Creek〜Napa Valley.